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Gym training for football players

Player development goes past on-field training; it also takes place in the gym. Our soccer strength and conditioning training programs are designed not only to reduce the risk of injuries on the field but also to optimise your personal player development. Whether you’re training for prehabilitation, rehabilitation, or overall performance, our strength and conditioning coaches move beyond the traditional focus of big muscles and heavy lifting. Instead, they prioritise that your time on the field is injury-free, allowing for peak performance throughout a strong season.

Most injuries stem from players lacking the vital soccer strength needed for peak performance on the field. This valuable insight, observed by our strength and conditioning coaches over the years, serves as the base of our training philosophy. We understand that strength and conditioning programmes aren’t just about physical appearance; they are the building blocks for fostering the resilience and power essential for thriving in the dynamic realm of soccer.

Strength and conditioning workouts tailored for football players

At the Sports Clinic of Football, our strength and conditioning program is unique to football players. We understand the ins and outs of the game and place a focus on the development of soft tissues, core strength, and glutes; key components essential for combating against common football injuries like quad and hamstring strains. By honing in on these specific areas for our clients, we not only reduce the risk of football injuries but also enhance speed and agility on the field.

Key areas of focus in our strength and conditioning workouts

Our key areas of focus encompass a comprehensive range of elements crucial to strengthening football skills:

  • Resistance training
  • Power and strength exercises
  • Speed and agility drills
  • Cardiovascular conditioning
  • Flexibility and mobility work, core strengthening, balance training, recovery drills and position-specific drills. 

Whether you prefer one-on-one or group sessions for strength and conditioning, or if you’re new, start with an initial consultation session so our football coaches can asses your game. Our holistic strength and conditioning program goes beyond standard training, elevating both your fitness and football skills while prioritising injury prevention. Sign up for your session today!

Membership options

Tailored to cater specifically to athletes and passionate soccer players, our memberships provide exclusive access to our football gym, pitch and expert football coaches to elevate your training and performance.



Gym access to our state-of-the-art

football facility (7 days a week)


Premier League


Gym access +

Six week Strength & Conditioning program


Champions League


Gym access +

1:1 Strength & Conditioning session each week