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Our Strength and Conditioning program

Dedicated to nurturing emerging football talent aged 11 and above, our group strength and conditioning football program is tailored for players of all skill levels. Geared towards both injury prevention and performance enhancement, our expertly crafted training programs prioritise strength, stability, agility, and overall athleticism. 

At every session of our group strength and conditioning football program, our primary goal is to enhance the performance and resilience of each athlete on and off the field. Led by our expert football coaches. Our football coaches follow a philosophy aimed at building a robust foundation for injury-free play, training, and competition, ensuring that you are ready to excel in every aspect of your football journey.

What sets us apart? Recognising the individual mechanics each young footballer brings to the game, we provide personalised strength and conditioning programs tailored to their unique needs. With group sizes capped at 10 participants, we curate teams of players with similar training ages and abilities, fostering healthy competition within an educational and supportive environment. Do you prefer training one-on-one with a personal trainer? Learn more about our one-on-one strength and conditioning sessions. 

Perks of Group Strength and Conditioning

Group strength and conditioning sessions not only focus on individual skill development but also nurture camaraderie and healthy competition among players, ultimately boosting teamwork and motivation. This collective approach offers numerous advantages for football players. It brings them together, fostering a powerful teamwork experience that goes beyond individual growth.

Our football program

Our football strength and conditioning program is available at two prime destinations: The Sports Clinic of Football HQ and St John’s Regional College.

Location one:

Location two:

Eager to elevate your game? Reserve your spot at one of our Group Strength and Conditioning programs below

Membership Options

Tailored to cater specifically to athletes and passionate soccer players, our memberships provide exclusive access to our football gym, pitch and expert football coaches to elevate your training and performance.



Gym access to our state-of-the-art

football facility (7 days a week)


Premier League


Gym access +

Six week Strength & Conditioning program


Champions League


Gym access +

1:1 Strength & Conditioning session each week