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Producing better footballers and maximising careers

The Sports Clinic of Football caters for players aged 10 and above, focussing on the physical and athletic development of footballers. We have a deep understanding as football people, to complement the technical aspects of players to ensure our players. be the best footballers they can be. Our team has a deep understanding of sports science, strength and conditioning, physiotherapy and myotherapy.

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Gym access to our state-of-the-art

football facility (7 days a week)


Premier League


Gym access +

Six week Strength & Conditioning program


Champions League


Gym access +

1:1 Strength & Conditioning session each week


Want to become a better footballer?

When you attend TSCF as a footballer, you are not only seeking members of the team with experience in strength & conditioning, exercise physiology, and sports physiotherapy, but you are also seeking consultation and treatment from individuals who have been involved in football for a long time. Tim Schleiger, a former professional player turned high-performance coach and rehab specialist.

Our unique approach to rehabilitation and conditioning allows players to return to the game faster, stronger, and better than ever before. We understand that players become better footballers by playing football, not by only focusing on rehab and physio. To achieve this, we strive to extend a player’s time on the field, have them attend as many training sessions as possible, and play as much football as possible, in order to create the best footballers possible.

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