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Elevate your game with off season football training Melbourne

As a football player, you know that the off-season is a crucial time for building the physical and mental foundation necessary for your success on the field. At The Sports Clinic of Football, our team of professional soccer trainers understand the significance of off-season preparation to set the foundations for the season ahead. We have created an off-season football program that can be tailored to meet the distinct requirements of every player, whether you’re a beginner or play professional football within the National Premier League.

Expert football coaches

Our personal trainers at The Sports Clinic of Football are seasoned experts with a deep-rooted passion for the game. With a wealth of industry experience and specialised football training, we are wholly committed to enhancing your on-field skills and performance. Our coaches have a profound dedication to the sport, combined with their years of specialised expertise, allows for a continuous enhancement of your abilities, regardless of your current level.

Off season football training

During the off-season, it’s the prime opportunity to amplify your physical prowess and overall fitness. As you enroll in our football off-season program, our dedicated coaches will conduct an in-depth mechanical screening to pinpoint areas that require enhancement. Whether it’s refining your agility, boosting your speed, elevate your endurance or fortifying your strength, our goal is to craft a personalised training regimen tailored specifically to your unique needs as a footballer.

By honing in on these core elements and elevating your overall athleticism, you will establish the foundation for peak performance throughout the football season, guaranteeing your excellence on the field when it counts most.

Injury management and prevention

In our off-season football program, injury prevention is a fundamental of our training approach. Our football coaches understand the importance of keeping our players safe and in optimal condition. To achieve this, any exisiting injuries will be detected during a mechanical screening. By identifying and addressing these concerns, we can tailor our training programs to work on specific areas that may require extra attention.

Throughout the off season program, we integrate exercises and drills that enhance flexibility, balance, and core strength, reducing the risk of injuries. Our goal is to ensure that every player is not only physically prepared for the season ahead, but also equipped to withstand the demands of the game, minimising the chances of injuries and setbacks.

Don’t underestimate the importance of off-season training. It’s the foundation of your success during the season. Join Melbourne’s leading off-season football training program and not only improve your skills but also build your teamwork and communication abilities. Elevate your game and be ready for the challenges of the season ahead with the help of The Sports Clinic of Football.

“The training you undertake during the off-season grind paves the way for your success in the final two months of the football season.” – Tim Schleiger

Membership options

Tailored to cater specifically to athletes and passionate soccer players, our memberships provide exclusive access to our football gym, pitch and expert football coaches to elevate your training and performance.



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football facility (7 days a week)


Premier League


Gym access +

Six week Strength & Conditioning program


Champions League


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1:1 Strength & Conditioning session each week